Formwork accessories wedge pin

Name: wedge bolt, wedge pin, formwork wedge pin, formwork accessories wedge pin,… Wedge bolt are the standard lock system for the steel ply form. Wedge bolt fit through a slot in the form and a slot in the tie to hold the form together. A horizontal and vertical wedge bolt are used in tandem to securely fix the forms.

Specifications for concrete form system:

  • Material: tole 3.5 ->4.3 mm
  • Size: Length 84mm
formwork accessories wedge pin

formwork accessories wedge pin


  • Wedge bolt are used with flat tie to tighten adjoining concrete formworks and securing the flat tie and concrete formwork in place.
  • Wedge bolt are used to hold panels together, and allow them to be easily assembled and disassemble
  • Wedge bolt are also used to secure ties to the form. A simple hammer is used to secure panel bolts into place, or to remove the panel bolt from the form.
    Production range: Formwork accessories (Flat ties, wedge and pin, pipe hook, wing nut, Steel cone …);

Advantages: High quality, competitive price and fast delivery

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